Todd attended Heavy Vehicle Rescue Ops in Clifford, at Station 18. The department hosted a 16hr Heavy Vehicle Rescue
Ops program May 10, 12, and 15th.  This program was sponsored by Bucks County Community College and the
Susquehanna County Fireman’s Association.  Students spent eight hours in the class room learning the anatomy of big rigs
and the challenges they present.  On Saturday the 15th, students spent the day walking through different types of vehicles,
stabilization, gaining access, and lifting operations.  With adequate resources to work on, the program allowed the students
to gain priceless practical experience while realizing the need for multiple companies and heavy wreckers.
(information courtesy of Station 18 website)
Jordan achieved the highest honor in Scouting Friday, May 21st at the Susquehanna Fire Station when he was awarded his
Eagle Scout Badge. Jordan belongs to Troop 81 and is also a Member of the Susquehanna Fire Department. Jordan received
Citations from House of Representatives Of Pennsylvania Sandra Major,and the Marine Corps League of PA. Jordan also
received letters from President Obama,V.P. Joseph Biden,Governor Ed Rendell,Pope Benedict XVI,Al Gore, John Deere
Corp,Moose International,William Lane,and also from The Office of the State Fire Commissioner of PA Ed Mann.

Jordan's mentors were Chris Herbert,Sharon Glover, Todd Glover, all SFD members, and Rich Cottrell Scout Leader. For
Jordan's Eagle Scout project he headed up the building and construction of a mock roof with safety for ladder and
ventilation training. Jordan has completed his Nation Fire Fighter Training and will be testing soon. Jordan also Has
National Hazmat Ops and Flammable liquids. Jordan plans to pursue a profession in Firefighting.
John Ball, Jordan Boerner, Dan Belverder, Steve Frederick, Todd Glover
and Dick Hennessey  
complete Well Control Incident Management Course
Course Description:
From Susq. Co. 911 website
Municipal agencies responding to an oilfield emergency must deal with a unique set of safety vectors, each with the
potential to catastrophically escalate if initial size-up is inaccurate and resources are ineffectively assigned.

This course is intended to prepare tactical response agencies, with local jurisdiction over oilfield emergencies to better
manage their incident scenes, integrate resources, and work more effectively with oil & gas operators and well control

The ability of responders to identify common blowout scene risks and predict hydrocarbon behavior greatly increases the
probability of a safe and successful mitigation
Sean Hennessey and Jeremy Boerner Complete
This 16-hour course prepares rescue personnel to evaluate and respond to ice related emergencies. Students learn how
to identify ice conditions,use ice rescue equipment and practice shore, boat, and direct contact ice rescue techniques.
This course meets NFPA 1670 technician level guidelines.
Jamie Boerner, Sean Hennessey, and Ryan Lee
For completing the First Responder Course

Trained to perform:
general patient assessment
provide emergency care such as:
bleeding control
spinal immobilization
oxygen administration
the use of the automated external defibrillator (AED)
Cardiopulmonary Resusciation(CPR)
Must be at least 16 years of age
Course is approximately 58 hours
Course includes both classroom portion and practical lab portions
School District.  The following members were presented with aLife Saving Award.

Left to Right -  Sean Hennessey, Kim Dubas, Joe Adornato, Ellis Lair, William Iveson,   
Tim Teribury, Chad Haley, Mike Iveson, and David Passitti.

Photo courtesy of Tracy Ball
John Herbert
Ralph Dewalt
Damon Sissler
Dan Belveder
Will Terpstra
Dylan Haynes